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What is induction tempering?

  Induction tempering is with electromagnetic induction method to make the heated workpiece internal produce the current. The energy of these vortexes is used for heating and tempering. In order to reduce the tensile stress of the transition layer, the heating depth should be larger than the hardening layer. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a lower current frequency or lower specific power to continuously heat the workpiece, extend the tempering time, and make the heating layer thicken by the workpiece heat conduction. For the one-time heating workpiece, the heating layer can be thickened by intermittent heating.

  Because induction tempering machine heating time is short, tempering temperature should be raised appropriately. The workpiece after induction surface hardening can choose furnace inside tempering, self-tempering, or induction tempering.

Technical advantages of High Frequency Tempering Machine

● Fast heat treatment: The induction quenching heating time is measured in seconds, and the production cycle is short; This process is similar to the machining process, especially when self-tempering or random induction tempering is used. For this reason, a modern induction tempering machine has been arranged on the production line or the automatic line.

● Overall quenching workpiece, especially through induction heating quenching workpiece, the application of induction heating tempering is more convenient to form a production line, more conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation. The high-frequency heating device can also be used for the local tempering of the thin parts.

● Can also do the local tempering jobs, the heating time is shorter, There are little oxide skin and little deformation.

Induction Tempering

How to do the tempering process whit High Frequency Tempering Machine?

In the short-time induction tempering process, the heating time and heating temperature are key parameters. In order to make sure the induction tempering process reach the ideal result, should pay attention to the following points:

● The energy transmitted to the workpiece and the heating time should be strictly monitored to ensure that the residual heat is stable in a certain range.

● Coolant flow, time, and cooling temperature should also be monitored to ensure consistency of the workpiece surface temperature after reheating with quenching waste heat.

● Principles: Suppose the workpiece is mass and is heated rapidly. It is easy to temper, and if the workpiece shape is complex or scanning heating, it is not easy to temper, because the heart temperature is not uniform. The heat storage and heat absorption must be the same everywhere in the second surface layer of the hardened workpiece, otherwise, the temperature will be different after the heat preservation, so there is no self-tempering that can be carried out.


● Do you supply the single High Frequency Tempering Machine or automatic system?

Until now, we provide the induction tempering system more.

● What is the High Frequency Tempering Machine application?

Mainly used for the metal parts, like shaft, saw blades, bar, drill bit, pipes, etc. online induction hardening and tempering.

● How to provide the professional induction tempering process for users?

We have a strong technical team that will do heat treatment tests several times to conclude the suitable induction heat treatment solution for our users.

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