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Handheld Induction Heating System

1. All Handheld Induction Heating Systems with Siemens IBGT.
2. Induction heating one-stop service.
3. We have variety for different heating applications.
4. Induction heater quality assurance.
5. Easy to operate and install.
6. Perfect after-sales service.

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Product details

Model Choice Suggestions for Handheld Induction Heating System

  For most of the induction heaters used in the customer’s workshop, the machine position is fixed, the induction heating coil does not move, just to move the workpiece to the induction heating coil for heating.

  But in the actual industrial heating application, there are still many cases that require the induction heating coil to move. To sum up, the following methods can be used:

   Flexible induction heating coil heater.

● Because the current on the cable is the same as the induction coil current, the cable consumes a lot of energy. It is recommended that the cable length better be as short as possible.

● Cables are generally short, generally no more than 3 meters.

● Under normal circumstances, less than 1 meter with two water-cooled cables, the price is relatively low; The coaxial water-cooled cable of more than 1 meter is will need high cost;

● When using the flexible induction coil, the machine needs to be specially customized. We will configure the equipment according to the actual heating workpiece, the size and size of the induction coil, and the length of the cable. The cost of the equipment will also be increased.

● Because of the high power consumption on the cable, we suggest to choose more powerful equipment;

automotive induction heater

Digital Handheld Induction Heating System

● The Handheld Induction Heating System series, heating head lead 3 ~ 5 meters long, equipment power 5 ~ 160KW, can be used for transformer joint welding, copper pipe online welding, surface heating coating, and other field heating applications; In special cases, the lead length can be 20 ~ 40 meters, which is more suitable for remote heating.

induction heating aluminum

Applications of Handheld Induction Heating System

● The Handheld Induction Heating System cable length can be customized: 3-50m.

● The heated part is fixed, the induction heating coil moves for heating.

● Mainly used in the refrigeration industry pipeline brazing welding jobs.

Advantages of Handheld Induction Heating System

● With the Germany IGBT module, output big power level, more stable functions.

● With our own brand main cards makes the machine running much faster and less faulty troubles.

● Can 24 hours non-stop working, 5 units of electricity, 3 seconds finish the brazing welding jobs.

● Machine operation is simple, install it in 10 minutes.


● The machine is an analog circuit or digital circuit?

We have both circuit handheld induction heater, but for this one, it is an analog circuit heater.

● What is your fastest delivery time?

Normally 3-5 days after getting the payment.

● Which port do you use in China?

Normally we go to Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and so on, as per the request.

● What are your payment terms?

For the small power customized handheld induction heater, we require 100% T/T.

● You can a dealer or direct supplier?

We are a direct supplier

● Do you need some oversea dealers?

Yes, we always need deals very much.

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