Surface Hardening Machine 3

Hammer Surface Hardening Induction Heater Quenching Machine

1. Surface hardening machine with famous brand components.
2. Fast heating speed, uniform heating result.
3. Match with patented hardening transformer.
4. High precision CNC control.
5. Professional induction coil design.

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Product details

What is the metal surface hardening machine?

  Metal surface hardening machine through the steel surface heating, cooling to change the surface mechanical properties heat-treatment process. The purpose is to improve the surface hardness, wear-resistance, and fatigue strength of the workpiece, but the heart still has high toughness. Often used for shaft, gear, and other parts. During operation, the austenitized surface layer of the workpiece was made by rapid heating, and then the surface tissue was changed into martensite by immediate quenching, and the core tissue was basically unchanged. After surface quenching, low-temperature tempering is generally carried out.

Surface Hardening Machine sketch map

Technical advantages of Surface Hardening Machine

● We have a strong heat treatment team, and they have been in the surface hardening machine field for more than 10 years. Ensure to find suitable heat treatment solutions for all your projects.

● With Siemens PLC control center, combine the perfect program design, reach the fully automatic production, save manpower, and stable product quality.

● Use high precision non-contact infrared temperature measuring device, the temperature control precision can reach 0.5%, to make sure the stable heat treatment quality.

● Stable features can make sure the machine stable running for 24 hours without any stops.

● Professional induction coil design to make sure the better match with the machine to reach the uniform heating result.

How to find a suitable metal surface hardening machine?

● Let us know the details of your heated part, drawings will be better, along with a technical request.

● For simple parts, we will do the machine technical proposal directly. For the complex part which we have not done it before, you’d better send me some of your heated parts samples, so that we can do some tests first to conclude the final heat treatment technical process.

● According to your budget, you can choose the automatic induction heating system or half manual induction heating system.

● We will give you some suggestions to help you find your suitable hardening solutions.

Our service and mission

● Been in the surface hardening machine fields for more than 20 years, we have a lot of real application cases for reference and can make sure when we get your new heated parts details we can help you find the suitable heat treatment solutions.

● After-sales, we will provide continuously tracking service, provide the lifetime after-sales service, and technical guidance.

● Our mission is with our rich knowledge to find suitable heating treatment solutions for each of our users.

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