Industrial Water Chiller 3

China Portable Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller Cooling Water Machine

1. Can do remote monitoring and control, simple operation.
2. High heat exchange efficiency, good stability, easy to clean and maintain.
3. This industrial water chiller is equipped with complete protection.
4. Excellent reliability of the whole machine.
5. -10℃-30℃ can be arbitrarily adjusted, with excellent refrigeration capacity.

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Product details

Introduction of Industrial Water Chiller

  This industrial water chiller adopts the world-famous compressor manufacturers: Panasonic, Sanyo, Daikin, and The United States ” COPELAND ” the latest generation of an efficient and fully enclosed scroll compressor, which provides multiple safety protection, low noise, energy-saving, and durability. Cold condenser, high-speed punch hole, flanging quality is reliable. Double flanging, copper tube and fin more close contact, high heat exchange efficiency. The use of imported copper pipe and automatic elbow welding, greatly enhance the oxygen density, prevent refrigerant leakage phenomenon. It is especially suitable for areas with a lack of water resources or high hardness. Equipped with a microcomputer controller (with fault self-display function), imported refrigeration accessories of internationally famous brands to ensure long-term and reliable operation of the unit.


Features of Industrial Water Chiller

● Adopt the high-efficiency scroll compressor or piston compressor with international famous brand special low temperature, lower noise, less vibration, higher efficiency, better performance, lower failure rate, more reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection.

● Using the world brand contactor, relay, thermal protector, expansion valve, pressure controller, drying filter, greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine.

● Shell and tube condenser with high-efficiency copper tube.

● Compact structure, sufficient cooling capacity, high efficiency, easy to clean and maintain.

● The evaporator adopts the reinforced tube with internal and external threads, the copper tube has internal threads, the external surface of the copper tube is smooth, the cooling effect is good, the evaporator tube body is insulated with 25mm thick PE insulation board, no condensation, little cooling loss.

● Built-in stainless steel water tank, high performance, high flow special water pump; Some models have two independent refrigeration systems, which can automatically adjust the number of working systems to achieve maximum energy saving, and the system can be used as a backup for each other with higher reliability.

● The high-precision digital controller can intuitively and accurately measure the cold water temperature with an accurate value of ±0.1℃. The controller can intuitively and accurately display the operation and fault status of the compressor, water pump, and refrigeration system.

● Easy to operate, just press the switch, the unit can run automatically.

● The boxboard of the unit is precisely processed by CNC punch press and sprayed with electrostatic powder. After high-temperature baking paint cream color, luxury and beautiful, corrosion resistance, strong structure, durable.

industrial water chiller installation

Parameters of Industrial Water Chiller

industrial Water chiller parameters

Applications of Industrial Water Chiller

  This industrial water chiller is widely used in plastic, electroplating, welding, metal heat treatment, coating, electron, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, needle mushroom cultivation, grain and oil production, solar photovoltaic industry and air separation, environmental test chamber, automotive engine air intake system/whole room air conditioning, refrigeration, cold storage, etc.

  Can control the temperature range of -10℃-30℃, and can be arbitrarily adjusted, has an excellent refrigeration capacity, complete models, to meet the needs of different scenes of refrigeration, is a new generation of refrigeration equipment model.

Industrial water chillers

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● The equipment warranty period is 12 months. If the equipment is damaged by non-human factors during the warranty period, the equipment shall be repaired free of charge.

● We establish tracking service files for customers, provide technical support for equipment for life, and provide high-quality spare parts at cost.

● The equipment is tested 100% before leaving the factory and professionally packaged for export to ensure that the products delivered to you are perfect.

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