CNC Quenching Machine 3

Automatic Gear Heat Treatment Heater For Shaft Gear Induction Hardening Quenching

1. CNC induction hardening quenching machine mainly for ring parts heat treat.
2. It is suitable for both raceway quenching and tooth quenching.
3. No need worker operation automatic finish hardening process.
4. Drive motor adopts AC servo motor.
5. Working stations 1-3.
6. Uniform hardening result.

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Product details

Summary of CNC Quenching Machine

  The CNC Quenching Machine is mainly used for the automobile hub bearing unit surface induction hardening and online induction tempering. Equipped with automatic feeding and conveying device, to meet the machine continuously production and single machine production requests. Automatic loading and unloading using manipulator, quenching process induction coil automatic positioning. Automatic quenching process, intelligent monitoring, and management, high production efficiency, production efficiency is 12-16 seconds/piece.

Functions of CNC Quenching Machine

● The CNC quenching machine adopts a double-station and double-load structure, a set of power supply with two sets of induction heating load, and through the load, the switcher realizes two stations alternate heating.

● Station 1 is used for three-column groove and CVJ e induction quenching, with parts positioning, pneumatic chuck clamping, horizontal movement lifting movement to the place of induction quenching.

● Station 2 for shaft rod induction hardening. With parts installed in place, induction coil feed in place, parts rotation induction quenching working functions.

Performance of CNC Quenching Machine

● The CNC quenching machine and the power supply are designed together. The power supply adopts the 1+2 structure.

● Station 1 parts movement, rise, and fall are driven by servo motor and ball screw, precise control of movement position. The parts are clamped by a pneumatic rotary chuck.

● The station 2 induction coil movement with servo motor and ball screw, the moving guide is a linear guide, and the moving position can be accurately controlled.

● The equipment is equipped with a monitoring system that can display, record, and store the induction heat treatment process parameters in real time.

● Adopt CNC control systems.

● Stable performance, good quality, high precision.

● The process is easy to adjust, easy to operate, perfect self protection functions.

● Equipped with closed loop water cooling systems.

Technical data of CNC Quenching Machine




Max. Clamp length(mm)



Part rotary diameter(mm)



Part weight(Kg)



Rotation speed(rmp)



Induction coil moving speed(mm/s)



Station number



Spindle distance



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