Installation Steps of High Frequency Induction Heater

1) Place the main and auxiliary machine of the High Frequency Induction Heater: Generally, the main machine (operation control machine) is on the top, and the main machine (power output machine) is on the bottom.

2) Connect the main unit to the water and electricity of the High Frequency Induction Heater: use the two thin water pipes in the accessories to connect the water channel straight up and down. Then use the two cables in the accessories, red to red, black to black to connect the circuit. It must be tightened to avoid poor contact. Connect the ground wire of the main payment machine.

3) Connect the power of the High Frequency Induction Heater: This machine is a three-phase power supply (380V), connect the three red wires to a dedicated three-phase knife or air switch (above 65A). Connect the ground wire again.

High Frequency Induction Heater

4) Water connection of the High Frequency Induction Heater: The cooling water pressure used by this machine is 0.1Mpa-0.3Mpa (about 1-3 kg). Please select a 370W single-phase (220V) water pump and a water tank or pool (select the volume according to the continuous working time and workload, and install a small cooling tower if necessary). Use the water pipe to connect the water pump outlet to the water inlet of the machine. The water outlet of the machine uses the water pipe to return the backwater to the pool to realize the circulating cooling of the water flow.

5) Install the induction coil of the High Frequency Induction Heater: select and install and fix the induction coil according to the shape and size of the heated metal workpiece. Note that there is no short circuit in the induction coil.

6) Put in the workpiece of the High Frequency Induction Heater: Put the workpiece to be heated into the center of the induction ring, the gap around it should be basically the same, and the workpiece and the induction ring cannot touch.

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