How To Operate Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine Safely

1. Medium frequency induction heating frequency conversion equipment, there are two types of generator type and thyristor type. The maximum voltage of the intermediate frequency current can reach about 750V, and the rules of safe power consumption must be observed when using it (the power of the inverter is generally greater than 100kW). The IF engine room should be well ventilated and kept clean, tidy and dry. Two or more people must be able to turn on the IF equipment, and designate the person in charge of the operation. The operator should be familiar with and abide by the operation regulations of the intermediate frequency equipment, and wear the prescribed protective equipment. The workpiece should remove burrs, iron filings and grease, otherwise arcing is easy to occur, and the arcing should be prevented when the workpiece is in contact with the sensor during operation. When using medium frequency quenching machine tools, attention should be paid to the safe operating procedures for electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic transmission. The equipment needs to be repaired by a special person, and the capacitor is discharged with a discharge rod before repair. It is strictly forbidden to repair with electricity.

2. Industrial frequency induction heating equipment uses industrial electric frequency, low voltage and large current to heat and quench or normalize large workpieces. The rules for safe electricity use should be followed when using.

3. In order to prevent the large work piece from bursting and hurting people during induction heating with power frequency, it is necessary to strictly abide by the power frequency heat treatment operation regulations and the corresponding large heat treatment process regulations during operation. Ultrasonic flaw detection should be carried out piece by piece on large workpieces. Any work pieces with defects such as white spots, severe segregation and looseness after flaw detection should not be heated with power frequency equipment. The work piece should remove burrs, iron filings and oil stains to prevent arcing. In production operation, the person in charge must be appointed, and the operator must be familiar with and abide by the operating regulations of power frequency equipment.

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