Platinum Melting Furnace 1

Platinum Melting Furnace

1. This platinum melting furnace with digital display, intelligent control.
2. No flame design, safe production. Energy conservation and environmental protection.
3. High power, high heating capacity, high efficiency.
4. Can melting gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum; High equipment utilization rate.
5. The life of the equipment is up to ten years.

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Product details

Introduction of Platinum Melting Furnace

   The platinum melting furnace produced by our company adopts the latest technology in the market. All induction power supplies are equipped with IGBT module, so that the product in terms of stability to do better, compared to the traditional if SCR, energy saving at least 20%. Integrated modular design, small volume, lightweight, movable, simple maintenance, easy to operate. Do not touch the crucible, the metal liquid can be completely dumped clean. Easy to change pot, one equipment can melt different precious metals. The important components are strictly selected from famous manufacturers, so the equipment can work 24 hours a day. The life span is as long as ten years. Rich customization experience to meet your smelting application needs on various occasions…

Platinum Melting Furnace

Product features of Platinum Melting Furnace

● Digital display, intelligent control.

●The platinum melting furnace with no flame design, safe production. Energy conservation and environmental protection.

● Electromagnetic stirring, the uniform temperature of liquid metal.

● High power, high heating capacity, high efficiency.

● Half furnace, full furnace, 100% power can be started.

● Not affected by local voltage fluctuations.

● With an intelligent FM system.

● With over-voltage, over-current, overheat protection device.

● A multi-purpose machine, high production efficiency.

● Automatic heating time control, holding time control, cooling time control.

● Easy to operate, the average worker learns quickly.

Product parameters of Platinum Melting Furnace


Aluminum, Aluminium alloy

Gold, Silver, Copper

Steel, Stainless steel



10 Kg

4 Kg


6 Kg

20 Kg

8 Kg


12 Kg

40 Kg

12 Kg


21 Kg

70 Kg

18 Kg


30 Kg

100 Kg

28 Kg


40 Kg

120 Kg

45 Kg


50 Kg

150 Kg

60 Kg


75 Kg

250 Kg

100 Kg

According to the machine recommended in the table above, the maximum melting time from the cold furnace is 50-60 minutes. As the furnace temperature has increased, the second melting time is 20-30 minutes.

Our services

● Detailed pre-sales technical communication.

● Support overseas sales.

● Provide complete installation instructions.

● Small equipment installation is convenient, debugging is simple, a connection can be used.

● Large equipment to provide on-site installation and commissioning services.

● Rapid delivery, export packaging, long-distance transport without worry.

● Products exported to the European Union, the United States, Australia, and other developed regions quality certification requirements.


This platinum melting furnace can not only melt platinum, but also gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, and other precious metals. The output includes 3kg to 200kg, which can meet the smelting needs of factories, schools, research institutes, and other places. Experience in customization, welcome to consult at any time.

Induction Melting Furnace 1


● Are you factory direct?

Yes, we are.

● What is your warranty?

All of our induction melting furnace warranty period is 1 year.

● What kind of packing?

All with plywood case.

● What is your induction furnace price?

you can let us know your melting material, melting speed request, we can suggest you suitable induction melting furnace models.

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