What is the function of if power supply in if induction furnace?

  Intermediate frequency melting furnace USES power mode is different from power frequency furnace if power, will single-phase AC if the voltage, if power supply, current input heater to generate induction electricity to induction heating of water in the furnace. Therefore, the water and electricity separation in the heating process of the boiler is safe and reliable.

  Ketchan’s induction melting furnaces are also equipped with the following protective devices:

1、The water control and temperature sensing alarm can be turned into an automatic protection system. In case of failure, the corresponding indicator light of the intermediate frequency power supply will flash and stop automatically., it is 380 v power frequency ac power input of intermediate frequency power supply cabinet (intermediate frequency power supply with overvoltage protection, contained in the medium frequency power supply, over-current protection, such as over-voltage, over-current phenomena will automatically stop alarm), intermediate frequency power supply, the intermediate frequency power supply will be contained in the power frequency ac power rectifier for single-phase dc, again through the inverter single-phase ac frequency voltage, electric current (single-phase ac frequency voltage and current are safe).

2、Equipped with an LCD digital display, can accurately and intuitively display the water supply temperature, water return temperature; The level of the water level in the furnace can be displayed on the water level gauge, so the operator can clearly grasp the operation of the boiler.

3、Equipped with a temperature controller, the water controller, can automatically adjust the temperature, if power supply automatic water supply, according to the user needs to set the water supply temperature, return water temperature automatic regulation. When the water supply temperature exceeds the set temperature, it will stop automatically. If the intermediate frequency power supply and the backwater temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will start automatically.

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