What is ionic nitriding?

  The ionic nitriding method is to place a workpiece in the nitriding furnace, the furnace smoke in advance into the vacuum up to 2 ~ 10-10-3 Torr (㎜ Hg) after import or N2 + N2 gas H2 gas mixture, 1 ~ 10 Torr adjustment in the furnace, the furnace connected to the anode, artifacts connected to the cathode, the communication between the poles with several hundred volts dc voltages, at this time in the furnace of N2 gas discharge into positive ions, brightness, and moving to the work surface, in an instant the cathode voltage drop sharply, make the positive ion to the cathode surface at high speed, converting kinetic energy to qi, the workpiece surface temperature to rise, Due to the impact of nitrogen ions, the surface of the workpiece is driven out by Fe.Elements such as splash out with nitrogen ions combined into FeN, the iron nitride by adsorption on the artifacts produced by gradually nitriding, ion nitriding in basically is to use nitrogen, but if add department of hydrocarbon gases can make ion soft nitriding processing, but in ion nitriding process, the workpiece surface can change the furnace filling nitrogen concentration of mixed gas (N2 + H2) of partial pressure ratio regulation, pure ion nitriding, the working surface of single-phase r ‘N content (Fe4N) organization in 5.7 ~ 6.1% wt, in less than 10 microns thick layer, the compound layer strength rather than porous layer, not easy to fall off,Because the iron nitride are artifacts of the adsorption and diffusion to internal, from the surface to the internal organization is the FeN – Fe2N – Fe3N – Fe4N order change, single-phase epsilon (Fe3N) N content in 5.7 ~ 11.0% wt, single factor (Fe2N) N content in 11.0 ~ 11.35% wt, ion nitriding first generation r phase and then adding hydrogen carbide when system make the epsilon phase of the compound layer and diffusion layer, due to the increase in the diffusion layer there are a lot of help to the increase of fatigue strength. The loss ¦ a was the best. Ion nitriding processing degree can begin from 350 ℃, due to considering the selection of materials and related mechanical properties processing time can be made of a few minutes so that the long time of processing, chemical reaction with the past use of thermal decomposition of this law and the nitriding process is different, this law is to use high ion can, used to think that difficult to deal with the material such as stainless steel, titanium, cobalt can also simple with good surface hardening treatment.

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