What is induction heating?What is the principle of induction heating?What are the characteristics of induction heating?

  Induction heat treatment is a heat treatment technology. Although this industry is small, it is very professional and rigorous. This technology is known as the “black technology of heat treatment industry”.

  Speed, non-contact, and accuracy are the advantages of induction heating. To take full advantage of these advantages, the generator and inductor must be perfectly matched.

  The principle of induction heating is: the workpiece is put into the inductor, the inductor is generally input medium frequency or high frequency alternating current (300-300000Hz or higher) hollow copper tube. In the alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce induced current with frequency, the induced current distribution in the workpiece is not uniform, strong on the surface, and in the internal is very weak, the heart is close to zero, use the skin effect, can make the surface heating quickly, within a few seconds surface temperatures to rise to 800-1000 ℃, and the core temperature is small.

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Induction heating features:

(1) High heating temperature and non-contact heating.

(2) High heating efficiency.

(3) Fast heating speed.

(4) The temperature is easy to control.

(5) Local heating can be used.

(6) Easy to realize automatic control.

(7) Good working environment, almost no noise, and dust.

(8) Less workspace and high production efficiency.

(9) Can heat workpiece with complex shape.

(10) The workpiece is easy to heat evenly, and the product quality is good.

(11) The solution in melting has the effect of electromagnetic stirring. The liquid metal components can be evenly adjusted, the solution temperature is uniform, there will be no local high temperature. Less burning of metals is more important for the smelting of minor metals.

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Advantages of induction heating:

(1) do not have to heat the whole, the workpiece deformation is small, small energy consumption.

No pollution.

(3) heating speed, the workpiece surface oxidation decarburization light.

(4) The surface hardened layer can be adjusted according to the need, easy to control.

Heating equipment can be installed in the mechanical processing production line, easy to achieve mechanization and automation, easy to manage, and can reduce transportation, save labor, improve production efficiency.

The microstructure of hardened layer martensite is relatively fine, with high hardness, strength, and toughness.

After quenching the surface of the workpiece has greater compressive internal stress, the workpiece fatigue resistance to fracture ability is higher.

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