What is a rotary automatic induction welding system?

  The rotary automatic induction welding system is composed of fixture turntable, induction heating power supply, NUMERICAL control device, cooling system, etc. It can be equipped with industrial robots to grab the blanking material. The workpiece is fixed to an automatic rotating turntable, usually 16 stations. With the rotation of the turntable, the corresponding workpiece will be transferred to the welding station of the induction heating equipment, and the induction coil of the induction heating equipment will rise or fall to the welding position of the workpiece and start welding. Usually, 16 clamping stations are equipped with 2 inductive welding power supplies. The jig and induction coil on the turntable can be replaced according to different workpieces. The features and applications of this set can be referred to in the link:Rotary Automatic Induction Welding System

Here’s a video to see how the rotary automatic induction welding system works:

Turntable Induction Brazing Machine

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