What are the technical characteristics of a tow two intermediate frequency induction melting furnace?

  A set of power drag two intermediate frequency induction melting furnace adopted “series inverter type of thyristor medium frequency power supply technology”, is using thyristor full controlled rectifier electric furnace, but without its regulating, it only realize the soft start and the fault as electronic switch, quickly cut off the power supply, the normal work, the thyristor is always in a state of full conduction, so that the power supply with high power factor and reduce harmonic interference. The rectifier control circuit, using a digital shift trigger circuit. The digital shift trigger circuit has the advantages of good repeatability, good stability, good symmetry, strong anti-interference ability, convenient debugging, and so on. The remote control can be realized if the digital quantity is set.

  Overall, A set of power drag two medium frequency induction melting furnace is a high power, therefore, in order to make its high power will be able to get the biggest play, so we must pay attention to some of its users above matters needing attention and its various technical characteristics, so as to effectively play the biggest function of smelting, combined with the effective protection of intermediate frequency furnace use time limit.

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