What are the precautions for a tow two intermediate frequency induction melting furnace?

  A set of power tow two furnaces is an intermediate frequency induction melting furnace, its structure is a power belt two furnaces work at the same time, power distribution, one for melting, one for heat preservation, uninterrupted melting, when needed, can be at the exact temperature for heat preservation, temperature rise, tempering, etc., to maximize the output. Good start-up characteristics, under full load, heavy load, can be started at will. To improve the power factor, the power factor can reach 95% under the guarantee of arbitrary power. Constant power output, using constant power output control, in the melting process, when the load and temperature change, the load is always full power output, so as to shorten the melting time. Therefore, the half-bridge circuit is adopted in the series inverter of one-tow-two-intermediate frequency furnace, which has a high power due to the relatively reduced number of main circuit components and a high power factor. Therefore, we need to know the cautions of its use.

(1) Check whether all components are in good condition;

(2) Check whether all fasteners are in good condition;

(3) Check whether all wiring has come off and solder joints have come off;

(4) Check whether the on-line installation is correct;

(5) Check the main circuit with a multimeter and control the insulation of the circuit to the casing and each phase;

(6) Check whether the position of the control plug-in is correct;

(7) Open the inlet valve, adjust the water pressure to 0.1 ~ 0.2mpa, and check whether there is leakage in each waterway;

(8) Strictly check the phase sequence. The melting furnace is correspondingly 120° ahead of the intermediate frequency power phase, and the insulation furnace is correspondingly 120° behind the intermediate frequency power phase.

(9) Press the control power switch, and the power indicator light of each control panel should be on;

(10) Use an oscilloscope to check that each trigger pulse of the rectifier and inverter should be normal;

(11) Trigger the protection thyristor and the corresponding protection indicator light will be on;

(12) Set the power adjustment potentiometer at 0, set out the control board, and check that the operation of the relay should be normal.

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