What are the applications of UHF induction heating equipment?

1.Uhf induction quenching

Uhf induction heating equipment is mostly used for surface quenching of industrial metal parts. It is a metal heat treatment method that causes certain induction current to be generated on the surface of the workpiece, quickly heats the surface of the part and then quickly quenching.

UHF induction heating machine

2. Working principle

The working principle of UHF induction heating equipment: the workpiece is put into the inductor, which is generally a hollow copper tube with input medium frequency or high frequency alternating current (1000-300000Hz or higher).In alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce induced current with frequency, the induced current distribution in the workpiece is not uniform, strong on the surface, and in the internal is very weak, the heart is close to zero, use the skin effect, can make the surface heating quickly, within a few seconds surface temperatures to rise to 800-1000 DHS C, and the core temperature is small.

3. Equipment introduction

  • Adopt international famous brand IGBT module, 100% load continuity rate design, 24 hours operation under maximum power, high reliability guarantee;

  • Full digital control software can be used to set the heating current of 5 sections (up to 32 sections). The current and heating time of each section can be set to fully ensure the heat demand of different stages in the welding process.

  • Easy to install, only half an hour can be completed;

  • The floor area is very small, the operation is simple, a few minutes can learn special safety;

  • No open fire, safer.Using overcurrent to generate electromagnetic induction, heating only any metal;

  • Uhf induction heating equipment can work for 24 hours without interruption;

  • The equipment has manual mode, automatic mode and temperature control mode, which can improve the heating quality of the equipment and simplify manual operation.

  • The device has rich communication interface, which is convenient for users to upload and analyze data.

4. Application industry

Welding classes:

  • The welding of diamond tool head, the welding of carbide saw blade and the welding of diamond tool, abrasive tool and drill tool.

Welding of carbide cutting tools for machining.Such as turning tool, planer, milling cutter, reamer welding and other cutting tools.

Welding of mine tools, such as “one” word bit, cross bit, column bit, dovetail bit, riveting bit, cutting teeth of all kinds of shearer, cutting teeth of all kinds of roadheader.

Welding of all kinds of woodworking tools, such as all kinds of woodworking planing tools, milling cutters and all kinds of woodworking bits.

  • Forging and rolling:

Hot rolling heating of various twist drill.

Hot heading heating of standard parts and fasteners, such as high strength bolts, nuts, etc.

Tempering, forging, extrusion, etc of brazing steel and brazing tool.

Heating before forging of all kinds of machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts.

  • Heat treatment:

1. All kinds of hardware tools, hand tools heat treatment.Such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, knives and so on.

2. All kinds of auto parts, motorcycle parts ultra-high frequency quenching treatment.Such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, crank pin, ball head pin, sprocket, camshaft, valve, all kinds of rocker arm, rocker arm shaft;In the gearbox, all kinds of gear, spline shaft, driving axle, all kinds of small shaft, all kinds of fork and other ultra-high frequency quenching processing.

3. Ultra high frequency quenching treatment for gear and shaft on various electric tools.

4. High-frequency quenching heat treatment of various hydraulic and pneumatic components.Such as plunger pump column.

5. Plug, rotor pump rotor;All kinds of valve on the reversing shaft, gear pump gear quenching.

6. Heat treatment of metal parts.Such as all kinds of gear, sprocket, shaft, spline shaft, pin, and so on ultra-high frequency quenching treatment.

7. Ultra high frequency quenching for disc and stem of various relief valves and forged steel valves.

8. The machine tool industry machine bed surface guide rail and the gear in the bed body quenching treatment.

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