What are the advantages of induction heat treatment in energy saving?

1. Energy saving in induction heating

  Induction heating speed is fast, can improve the phase transition temperature of metal materials (50 ~ 100℃), accelerate the austenite transformation process. After quenching, the fine cryptocrystalline martensite is obtained, and the surface hardness is 2 ~ 3HRC higher than that of ordinary quenching. Induction heating quenching and tempering treatment instead of box furnace tempering treatment can save 35% ~ 50%; Induction heating instead of carburizing and carbonitriding and other surface hardening treatment, can save electricity 80% ~ 95%; Instead of furnace overall heating quenching can save 40% ~ 50% electricity.

2. Energy saving in the tempering of induction heating parts

  Using induction heating heat into hardening layer, heat quenching when not all take away the remnant of the tempering and implementation for short periods of time, with high efficiency and energy saving, and in many cases, such as the high carbon steel and high carbon high alloy steel) can avoid quenching cracking, and the advantages of various process parameters can be mass production after confirmation, the economic benefit is remarkable.

3. Energy saving in induction heating equipment

  The electricity consumption of induction heat treatment is about 20% ~ 25% of the total electricity consumption of heat treatment equipment. The heat efficiency of electric furnaces commonly used in heat treatment in China is generally less than 55%, the box-type electric furnace quenching is 30% ~ 40%, the high-temperature tempering is 40% ~ 50%.Well gas carburizing furnace carburizing for 7% ~ 15%, medium temperature electrode furnace quenching for 18% ~ 25%, well furnace tempering for 40% ~ 60%, well furnace tempering for 40% ~ 60%.The thermal efficiency of induction heating furnace: lamp high frequency furnace is 44% ~ 60%, machine medium frequency furnace is 49% ~ 69%, thyristor static crossover machine is 57% ~ 78%.By using high frequency induction heating dc discharge for carburizing, 0.35 ~ 0.45mm carburizing layer can be obtained, the surface carbon potential of the carburizing layer is 0.9% ~ 1.05%, which can shorten the production cycle 10 ~ 12 times.

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