What are the advantages of aluminum alloy induction heating?

  Aluminum alloy plastic deformation processing can be almost any heating method, such as gas furnace, oil furnace (as long as the flame does not directly contact with aluminum alloy blank), box-type resistance furnace, induction heating furnace, etc.

  Resistance furnace is widely used in his early, mainly because of al alloy plastic deformation resistance furnace to realize processing such as forging temperature is easy to implement, and easy to control automatically, as long as a certain distance from the billet in the heating area (usually 100-160 – mm) installed K type thermocouple, nickel chromium-nickel silicon to install automatic control instrument, can control the temperature of the billet in the range of plus or minus 10 ° C.

  Induction heating alloy billet developing rapidly over the years, mainly in aluminum alloy heating induction heating can not only simulate the effect of the resistance furnace heating but also not box resistor-stove strengths, such as not like box-type resistance furnace heating in advance, the boot can be heated, non-contact heating is accord with the need of aluminum alloy billet heating, heating time, greatly shorten the time of heat preservation, can avoid the billet heating defects such as coarse grain.

  There are many refractories in the resistance furnace when the furnace is opened to absorb a large amount of heat, that is, the device heat loss is large, not working, also needs to maintain a certain temperature; In addition, induction heating is repeatable, that is, the power required by induction heating is basically constant for the given blank size of aluminum alloy, initial forging temperature, beat and induction heating. Therefore, the beat can be used to determine the accurate heating temperature. With good process repeatability and stable product quality, the advantages of this feature for aluminum alloy heating are:

(1) Due to the equipment power adjustable, induction furnace and forging equipment can form a production line, so as to achieve synchronous production.

(2) Under the condition of set power and beat, the blank temperature can be effectively prevented from underheating or overheating.

(3) The use of a computer, temperature measuring device (non-contact infrared temperature measuring instrument) PID control device, and semiconductor inverter constitute a temperature control system, in order to achieve accurate temperature control and automation.

Easy to forge the factory to achieve a modern management system.

It can be seen that induction heating is the most advanced and ideal method for aluminum alloy heating compared with resistance furnace.

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