Ultra high frequency induction heating equipment highlights the advantages

1, The use of internationally renowned company Siemens IGBT power devices, and unique inverter technology, 100% load retention design, the maximum power under 24 hours of operation, high-reliability guarantee.

2, Self-controlled can adjust the heating time, heating power, insulation time, insulation power, and cooling time;

3, Lightweight, small size, simple installation, connected to 380V three-phase power supply, water, water can be, a few minutes can be completed.

4, Occupies a very small area, simple operation, a few minutes can learn.

5, Especially safe, the output voltage is less than 36V, exempt from the risk of high-voltage electric shock.

6, Heating efficiency of up to 90%, the energy consumption of only the old-fashioned tube high frequency 20%-30%, standby state almost no electricity, and can be 24 hours of continuous operation production.

7, Sensors can be free to quickly disassemble and replace, ultra-fast heating greatly reduces the oxidation deformation of the workpiece.

8, Replace oxygen, acetylene, coal, and other dangerous goods heating the latest environmental protection products, no open fire production is safer and more secure.

9, The device has overcurrent, overpressure, overtemperature, water shortage, lack of equal perfect automatic protection function, and equipped with fault self-diagnosis alarm system.

10, The device has a constant current and constant power control functions, greatly optimize the metal heating process, to achieve high efficiency, rapid heating, the superior performance of the product to be fully developed.

UHF induction heating equipment has a high frequency (heatable welding minimum 0.1mm), small size, lightweight, energy-saving (70% more efficient than glass ceramic tube high-frequency machine), and welding point solid and beautiful, welded parts almost unlimited shape, the surface pattern will not be damaged, metal internal crystal structure unchanged, annealing range, no obvious welding scar is widely used in metal eyewear manufacturing industry, electrical and electronics industry plug-in welding, small Welding between components in the jewelry industry and welding of metal accessories and craft manufacturing. The earliest representative products in China are GYH-2 ultra-high frequency machines produced by Dongguan Guangyuan Electronics Factory, with an oscillating frequency of 1.5MHZ

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