The world’s most advanced automatic vacuum heat treatment production line

  ALD Vacuum Industries LTD. Has a very high turnover in China in recent years.Within a few years, Great Wall Automobile has successively purchased 4 production lines, each with 12 independent heat treatment Chambers, which is one of the largest volume orders in the global market.

  Today we take you to appreciate the world’s most advanced German ALD automatic vacuum heat treatment production line.

  Its flagship product, ModulTherm modular heat treatment system, embodies a brand new, highly flexible and fully automated vacuum heat treatment concept.It can be produced in large quantities with great flexibility and significantly reduce the cost of heat treatment.

  Has 12 independent heat treatment chamber, can run different process and non-interference;The maximum volume of the treatment chamber is 650×750×1000mm3, which is 25% larger than the conventional furnace.Modular structure and unique design to ensure maintenance without disruption to production;The convective heating function can improve the heating speed of workpiece and make the workpiece more evenly heated.The quenching flow direction is reversible to obtain lower deformation effect and more uniform hardness distribution to the greatest extent.

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