The requirements and characteristics of enterprises for induction furnace and the matters needing attention in use

  At present, because of environmental protection, charge, human resource cost, and other reasons, casting enterprises prefer to use intermediate frequency induction furnace, its intelligent, high reliability, high quality, high-quality service, and energy conservation and environmental protection is its development trend, especially in multi-brand production of casting enterprises, the advantage is more prominent.

  In the current situation, the enterprise needs the following points, is also the selection should be considered.

(1) Improve the specific power and control the power consumption at 600kW/t.

(2) The furnace body, power supply system, cooling system, tilting furnace system has high quality, good reliability, and durability, a high degree of automation, display, alarm, diagnosis, and fault treatment for each system.

(3) The supplier has strong service capability, high quality, and fast response speed.

(4) Detailed technical information and technical guidance should be provided for use and maintenance, and long-term cooperative relations should be established. The price of non-standard parts should be reasonable.

(5) The products with high comprehensive quality can avoid a lot of troubles in the process of use.

Application enterprises need to pay attention to the following prominent problems in the use of an induction furnace.

First, the reliability of the protective circuit of thyristor and other key components and the sensor alarm technology needs to be further improved. There are many non-standard parts and they are expensive, and the technical data is not complete, and the technical protection is serious. When the power system, especially the integrated circuit, fails, it is very difficult for the user to troubleshoot, and the supplier’s response speed is slow for some reason.

Second, scale formation in a water cooling system is a prominent problem. Enterprises lack water treatment technology and guidance and pay insufficient attention to water quality treatment. When water temperature alarm is caused by scale formation, it is very difficult to deal with.

Third, in the northern winter, the cooling tower is often frozen water pipes, sand deposition makes the water quality worse.

Fourth, assembled products, many parts are not produced by themselves, lack of technical integrity, increase the intermediate links of service, such products are not reliable.

At present, the furnace lining material develops very fast, but the enterprise lacks technical guidance in the use process, mainly manifests in the following several aspects.

First, quartz sand and magnesite due to heat temperature, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, and other factors, in the process of making, sintering, and use of lining will appear some defects affecting the melting quality and lining service life, and even appear safety accidents, such as furnace leakage. It is suggested that the suppliers of electric furnace and refractory materials should provide enterprises with more comprehensive furnace lining making, sintering and use technology, and provide technical guidance and training in the early stage of enterprise use according to different furnace type, melting alloy type, climate, and other factors.

Second, induction furnace out of iron groove is always easy to damage drill iron, in the use of special lining repair material, feel very hard, and the lining does not stick on, damage to clean up to what degree is not clear. It is suggested that the supplier should provide technical guidance and detailed instructions, and further study the vulnerability at the furnace mouth.

Third, furnace lining sintering is the key link affecting the life of furnace lining, enterprises in this link are based on experience or learned in brother manufacturers, warming speed, heat is uniform, how to add cold material in the crucible, temperature position, high-temperature sintering temperature, as well as heat preservation time and other factors, its operation and technology need to strengthen.

At present, there are many lining material manufacturers, and improving lining life is the key. We hope to win by quality.

In addition, after-sales service should not be limited to the warranty period, and a long-term, mutually beneficial, and win-win cooperation should be established. The manufacturer can set up a regional service center, where the user equipment fails or needs technical service guidance after the warranty period. The manufacturer can cooperate in a contractual manner, with quick response and considerate service. By the manufacturer’s technical services or technical transformation, the user equipment service life growth, while technical renovation or upgrade, still can establish long-term relations of cooperation, for manufacturers is also a very good income, for users, exempt the maintenance difficulty and the lack of technical guidance, can reduce the maintenance cost, from lost production.

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