The formula of metal heat treatment

  Heat treatment is the weight of the decision to high-quality products.

The process method should be optimized and the equipment performance should be mastered.

Correct parameter selection for each paragraph, high efficiency, and reliability should be given priority.

Heating insulation and cooling, interlocking not careless.

There is a change in the composition of steel, so the phase transition should be considered.

It is more suitable to calculate and adjust parameters.

Steel category to distinguish, reasonable options more scientific.

The heating temperature is very important and the holding time should be sufficient.

High alloy steel should be segmented and heated slowly to ensure safety.

Overheat and underheat are unfavorable, just need more consideration.

The holding time should be considered, the heating conditions and the state.

How many parts and wall thickness, the choice of calculation focus.

Oxidation and decarbonization should be controlled by a variety of methods.

Creating oxygen-free is the key, and the best choice is a vacuum.

Slender vertical parts, thin wall to prevent deformation.

Cross-section mutation should be noted, heating and cooling to protect.

If the cooling is greater than the critical value, martensite is essential.

Cooling control to be appropriate, appropriate anti – cooling anti-cracking.

Make sure the hardness is laid and immediately temper the stress.

Temperature adjustment to hardness, tempering of different types of steel.

Multiple tempering is indispensable, stable size, and guaranteed performance.

Brittleness of steel needs to be cooled quickly to ensure that the performance should be kept in mind.

The hardness property has a basis and the quantitative relation can be converted.

Master scientific knitting technology, down-to-earth practice more.

Accumulate experience to sum up more, practical, and quick more reliable.

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