The characteristics and advantages of induction heating over traditional heating methods

  It is 3/4 energy saving than traditional heating methods (tube high-frequency machine gas, gas furnace, electric furnace, coking coal), and there is no danger of high-voltage electric shock, it can work continuously for 24 hours, with no open flame, and it is more in line with fire regulations;

Fast heating: the heating speed is less than 1 second, (the speed can be adjusted and controlled)

Wide heating: all kinds of metal workpieces can be heated (removable induction coils can be replaced according to the shape of the workpiece)

Easy installation: connect the power supply, the induction coil and the water inlet and outlet pipes can be used; small size, lightweight, very convenient to use

Easy to operate: learn in a few minutes

Quick start: heating can be started after water and electricity

Less power consumption: about 70% less power than the high-frequency equipment of the old-fashioned tube, the smaller the workpiece, the smaller the power consumption

Good effect: The heating is very uniform (you can also adjust the density of the induction ring to make each part of the workpiece obtain the required temperature), the temperature rises quickly, the oxide layer is less, and there is no waste after annealing

Power adjustable: infinitely adjustable output power

Full protection: with alarm indications such as overpressure, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage, etc., and automatic control and protection

Controllable temperature: The heating temperature can be controlled by setting the heating time and infrared thermometer so that the heating temperature can be controlled to a technical point. Can also increase the thermal insulation function as needed

Eliminates step-up transformers that generate nearly ten thousand volts

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