Technical progress of induction heat treatment equipment – NUMERICAL control quenching machine tool

  A quenching machine is also an important aspect in induction heat treatment equipment. In the past ten years, large automobile companies and large scale automobile factories have been constantly purchasing quenching machine tools with reliable performance and advanced technology, which provides an important business opportunity for domestic induction heat treatment equipment enterprises to improve their technology. After tenacious efforts, quenching machine tools have made great progress.

(1) The driving system USES servomotor, ball screw pair, and other mechanical devices to make the working stroke speed stable and reliable, improve the positioning accuracy, and the general tolerance does not exceed 0.03mm.

(2) The control programming and operation of the CNC system is simple. The LED touch screen can display and monitor all CNC parameters, processing procedures, and technological parameters, and has the functions of fault diagnosis and alarm.

(3) Energy monitoring of induction heating process

There are always many difficulties in the control of the induction heating process. It is difficult to keep heat and measure temperature. Most of the temperature is measured by an infrared thermometer, and the heating process of the workpiece is judged by the operator’s experience. The energy monitor can automatically control the heating process, adjust the parameters, complete the table quenching process. The working principle of the energy monitor is: after the process test, determine how much energy (kW/s) is needed to heat each part to the quenching temperature. Set this energy value, the heating time is automatically extended when the voltage is low, and the heating time is automatically shortened when the voltage is high, so as to keep the heating energy constant. When the quenching heating energy reaches the set value, the equipment automatically stops heating, thus ensuring the consistency of heating quality and quenching quality.

Now there are many workpieces can use induction heat treatment to replace the general heat treatment in the tempering, normalizing, annealing, and chemical heat treatment, such as carburizing quenching can be replaced by medium carbon steel induction surface quenching, and some cutting tools, such as saw blade, file, and other hardware quenching; Induction quenching is applied to plate spring quenching, cast iron guide rail, crankshaft and CAM quenching, which can save energy significantly, shorten production cycle and improve the economic benefit.

In the production, the application scope of induction heat treatment should be further expanded, the induction heat treatment publicity should be carried out, the new equipment, new process, and new technology of induction heat treatment should be popularized, the standard of induction heat treatment should be constantly improved, brought into the mechanical design manual, the proportion of induction heat treatment in production should be increased, so that the heat treatment energy saving can be achieved.

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