Shrink Fitting

  Induction shrink fitting is an important process in the metal workpiece heat treatment industry. Because the metal has the Thermal expansion and contraction characteristic, the induction heating equipment is used to make the workpiece produce eddy current in the alternating magnetic field and expand by itself.

  As the metal workpiece thickness is different, the heating rate and expansion change are different. In this case, the workpiece can be taken out or inserted into the assembly operation.

  Induction heating can effectively reduce the deformation risk of the workpiece due to its focus on heating the workpiece itself. The heat generated by the workpiece itself is evenly distributed, so less heat is needed. And obviously, less power consumption. Induction thermal disassembly and assembly can precisely control the heating time and temperature so that the product has controllability and reproducibility, convenient for automated mass production. This technology is widely used in the loading and unloading of motors, bearings, gears, nuts, bolts etc.

1. Truck rear axle induction shrink fitting

Truck Rear Axle Shrink Fitting(001)

2. Bearing Shrink fitting

Bearing Shrink Fitting(001)

3. Aluminium Tube induction shrink fitting

Aluminium Tube Induction Shrink Fitting

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