Saturation problem of induction heating transformer

Main transformer saturation symptoms:

1. There is a LOCK in the main engine

2. The resonant current is unstable and increases, and the input current is also unstable

3. The resonance frequency is abnormally increased, or even deviated from 5KHZ

4. Abnormal noise in the transformer

5. Resonance current has abnormal waveform, protrusion/triangle wave/broken wave

Main reasons affecting transformer saturation:

1. The total weight of the magnetic core used by the transformer is not enough;

2. The high frequency induction coil is too long and the output load is too large;

3. The output voltage of the transformer is too high, the voltage at the root of the induction coil;

4. Excessive oscillating current (oscillating current is proportional to output voltage);

5. If the resonance frequency is too low, the lower the frequency, the easier it is to saturate;

6. Air gap (1-2mm)

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