Principle and application of intermediate frequency furnace (metal induction melting furnace)

  Intermediate frequency furnace, also known as metal induction melting furnace, is mainly used to heat the furnace body with an intermediate frequency power supply. Intermediate frequency induction heating power supply USES thyristor or thyristor to convert three-phase ac power into single-phase AC power of several hundred or thousand Hertz. The working principle of the frequency power supply is as follows: the three-phase bridge type fully controlled rectifier circuit is used to convert the alternating current to the direct current, which becomes a constant DC source after the flat wave of the reactor, and then the single-phase inverter bridge is used to invert the DC current into a certain frequency (generally 1000 to 8000Hz) single-phase intermediate frequency current. The load consists of an induction coil and a compensation capacitor connected in a parallel or series resonance circuit.

Application: Widely used in copper, iron, cast steel, stainless steel or alloy steel smelting, heat preservation, forging heating and steel tube bending, extrusion molding, workpiece preheating, steel surface quenching, annealing heat treatment, metal parts welding, powder metallurgy, and other different occasions. Intermediate frequency power supply manufactured by Ketchan Electronics is suitable for the melting, forging, hot rolling, bending heat treatment of steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, gold and silver, and other metal materials. Mainly used in the casting and smelting industry; It has the characteristics of convenient control, high efficiency, reliable operation, and low labor intensity.

ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD Is a private enterprise specializing in the research, development, and maintenance of the induction heating system. Intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency melting furnace, metal melting furnace, medium frequency induction heating furnace…Such heating equipment is widely used in the melting of gold, silver, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, and other metals or alloys, melting or heat preservation before die casting, and through heat treatment before forging, sintering, bending forming. Mainly used in the casting and smelting industry! The new type of energy-saving intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency electric furnace products have the advantages of fast melting, small floor area, easy temperature control, small pollution, in line with environmental protection requirements!

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