The induction preheating machine is generally used for before hardening or welding condition. For the quenching process preheating, the part do the induction quenching process after the preheat treatment,can solve the heated parts deformation problem during the service process.

  Moreover, it can reduce the workpiece distortion during the hardening process, improve the hardening layer distribution, and increase the hardening layer thickness, to obtain the workpiece ideal metallographic structure and residual compressive stress, and eliminate the quenching cracks. Preheating for the welding process can slow down the cooling rate of the key weld cooling temperature range, prevent over hardening and reduce the ductility of the weld and heat-affected zone. It can reduce the shrinkage stress of weld and adjacent base metal, especially for high stress welding joint.

1. 3 stations mould induction preheating


2. Oil pipeline steel plate induction preheaing


3. Saw blade induction preheating before tempering


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