Induction heat treatment: what happens when parts crack?

Problem: Parts cracked after induction heat treatment.


1. Check the positioning of parts.

2. Make sure there are no unexpected hot spots; The reason may be the absence of rotational heating.

3. Check whether there are too many grains growing near the crack surface.

4. Check whether the quenching conditions are beyond the specification.

5. Check the surface finish of the parts before quenching.

6. Temper the parts as soon as possible after quenching.

7. Confirm and check the steel condition.


If the grain of the part grows too much, cracking may occur.

If cracks appear around the hole, proper chamfering may help.

The higher the carbon content of the quenched part (0.55% C or higher), the higher the quenched liquid concentration will be, and the surface overheating will be avoided.

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