The principle of induction melting furnace is electromagnetic induction, and its heat is generated by the metal material itself, so this heating method has a fast heating speed, little metal oxidation, and high heating efficiency. It is convenient to adjust the current and power of the medium and high-frequency induction power supply equipment. The temperature can be accurately controlled through the temperature control system, so that the metal materials can be heated evenly and the product can be repeated accurately. An induction melting machine can melt iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, platinum, gold, silver, and alloy.

  Compared with other melting furnaces, electric induction melting furnace has high production efficiency, no open fire, no pollution, effectively reduces energy consumption, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

1. Precious Metal Induction Melting Furnace

Precious Metal Melting Furnace

2. IGBT Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

IGBT medium frequency induction melting furnace

3. KGPS Induction Melting Furnace

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