Main features of Metal Melting Furnace

  The main characteristics of the smelting furnace are: light equipment, fast heating speed, high efficiency; special power saving, the same load electricity saves 60% compared with the tube high-frequency machine; has multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, etc., simple operation, Easy to install, suitable for all kinds of occasions that need to heat the metal. The characteristics of the melting furnace are as follows:

(1) Simple operation process and reliable smelting operation

(2) The metal composition is uniform and the material is well controlled

(3) Small size, lightweight, high efficiency, and low power consumption

(4) Low temperature around the furnace, less smoke, and dust, good working environment

(5) The pulse transformer is encapsulated with glue, completely isolated from the outside, with high voltage resistance and low failure.

(6) Large control cabinet structure, good ventilation, and heat dissipation effect in the control cabinet.

(7) Fast melting and heating, easy control of furnace temperature, and high production efficiency


(8) High furnace utilization rate and convenient replacement of varieties

(9) The furnace body can be dumped electrically, so it is easy to come out, especially suitable for casting.

(10) The control cabinet adopts full digital circuit control, with a low failure rate and convenient adjustment.

(11) The plug-in on the control board adopts gold-plated parts, with firm contact and long service life.

(12) The connector of the control board uses a removable plug, which is very convenient to replace the control board.

(13) With over-current, over-pressure, water shortage, and other protection, with double closed-loop flow interception and pressure interception.

(14) All power devices are left with more than double the desire to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment.

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