Knowledge of bearing steel forging

Knowledge of bearing steel forging

Bearing steel full name rolling bearing steel, with high compressive strength and fatigue limit, high hardness, high wear resistance and certain toughness, good hardenability, very strict control of sulfur and phosphorus, is a kind of high-quality steel, can do cold do tool steel.

Bearing steel

Example drawing of bearing steel

1.Forging temperature of bearing steel

(1) Starting forging temperature: 1150(1120) Finishing satin temperature: 850(800) degrees.

(2) Remove surface defects before forging, and try to preheat them before heating them quickly.

(3) The blue crispness zone of 200~400 degrees should be avoided during warm processing. During hot working, avoid entering high-temperature brittle zone (greater than 1250). Avoid entering the hot brittle zone (800~ 950 degrees).

2. Heat treatment after forging

(1) After forging — pre-heat treatment (spheroidizing annealing) — Final heat treatment (quenching + low temperature tempering)

(2) Spheroidizing annealing purpose: To reduce hardness, facilitate processing, and prepare for quenching.

Spheroidizing annealing process: heating to 750~ 770 degrees, holding for a certain time, and air cooling after slow cooling to below 600 degrees.

(3) Various bearing steel quenching + low-temperature tempering and hardness table

Steel quenching temperature and quenching medium-low temperature tempering hardness HRC

Water or oil 150~170 62~64

GCr9 800~830 Water or oil 150~170 62~64

Water or oil 150~160 62~64

GCr15 oil 820 ~ 846, 150 ~ 160, 62 ~ 64

GCr15SiMn 800~840 oil 150~170 62~64

3.Quenching and quenching medium

(1) Quenching color (experience) White is the hardest and brittle, yellow is hard and tough, blue is soft and tough.

(2) Quenching medium

Water: The general temperature is not more than 40 degrees, no oil, soap, and other impurities.

B salt and alkali aqueous solution: 5 to 10 percent salt or alkali added to water.

The cooling rate of salt solution is ten times that of water, and its hardness is high and uniform, but its microstructure is stressed and has a certain rusting effect. The temperature is below 60 degrees. Alkali solution (caustic sodium solution) is corrosive and has small adaptability.

C oil: including oil, spindle oil, transformer oil, diesel oil, etc. It can reduce deformation and crack. Carbon steel is not applicable. Oil temperature: 60~ 80 degrees, the highest is not more than 100~120 degrees.

4.Tempering temperature

Bearing steel adopts low-temperature tempering. Temperature: 150~250 degrees. It can reduce the internal stress and brittleness under the premise of maintaining high hardness and high wear resistance, so as to avoid cracking or premature damage during use. Hardness HRC: 58~ 64

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