Induction heat treatment technology is applied 11 big industries, what are they?

1. Automobile manufacturing industry

Induction heat treatment technology has been most widely used in the automobile industry, and the induction heating quenching of automobile parts has risen to about 50% of all heat-treated parts.The purpose of induction quenching is not only to improve the wear resistance of parts but also to improve the torsional fatigue strength and flexural fatigue strength. Typical parts are crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel gear ring, half shaft, constant speed universal joint, variable speed fork, transmission shaft, cross shaft, shock absorber shaft, etc.

2. Tractors and construction machinery

In addition to the engine quench parts and car engine similar, its walking part has many induction quench parts: such as drive wheel, guide wheel, support wheel, chain rail section, pin, sleeve, pump shaft, valve rocker arm, bulldozer blade, tractor final transmission gear and so on.

3. Machine tool manufacturing industry

In the machine tool manufacturing industry, the induction quenching piece has the headstock change gear, the spindle, the change speed fork, the guideway surface and each kind of small parts wear-resisting part.

4. Heavy machinery

Heavy machinery induction heat treatment parts are the transmission of large modulus gear, excavator shovel tooth plate.

5. Bearing industry

The proportion of induction hardening used in bearing ring, especially in raceway and railway bearing of the large bearing ring, is increasing year by year.

6. Railway transportation

The full-length quenching of rail of 60kg or above is one of the main ways to improve its strength and toughness. The Ministry of Railways has established more than 10 rail induction quenching production lines. In addition, locomotive parts used in the induction quenching of internal combustion engine-related parts, such as crankshaft, gear, shaft, etc.

7. Oil rig

The tubing, sucker rod, and coupling parts used in the petroleum industry are all quenched by induction.

8.Metallurgical machinery

Double frequency induction hardening is used for rollers to achieve optimal heating depth, others such as large modulus gears, steel pipe weld annealing, or tempering.

9. Textile machinery

The spindle rod and other parts of the spinning machine are quenched and tempered by induction.

10.Building materials

There are mainly pre-stressed reinforcement quenching and weld annealing. Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the PC reinforcement induction quenching and tempering production line. The heat treatment production line of pipe pile steel wire has been established in a considerable number in China.

Schematic diagram of PC steel reinforcement induction quenching and tempering production line

Figure 1: The Schematic diagram of PC Steel reinforcement induction quenching and Tempering production line

11.Shipbuilding industry

Marine engine crankshafts are quenched and tempered by induction. Induction heating can also be used to correct steel plate distortion.

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