Induction heating: How to ensure the quality of induction coils and product consistency?

  The induction coil has an important influence on the effect of induction heating. The most important thing to ensure the quality of induction coils is the design. If the design pattern cannot guarantee the manufacturing quality during the construction, this is a design flaw. The design includes:

1) The correct choice of materials, such as oxygen-free pure copper (OFHC) for the effective ring, pressure, and temperature resistant materials for insulating parts, and non-magnetic copper and brass hard alloy for accessories.

2) Specific dimensional tolerances and manufacturing accuracy should not be required, nor should they be free tolerances. For example, the effective inner (outer) diameter should be marked with tolerance. The v-shaped conductive surface should note the Angle tolerance and corresponding grade of surface roughness. Center distance shall be subject to tolerance. The end face of the effective ring shall be perpendicular or parallel to the plane of the contact plate, and the spacing of the spray holes shall be evenly distributed with the injection Angle (included Angle with the vertical line, and the holes on the round corners shall converge toward the center), etc.

3) Requirements for brazing: the best welding seam is the weld formed by capillary action, with the best connection strength. The use of the solder should consider the highest melting point of pure copper, followed by brass, silver solder decreases the melting point with the increase of silver content, the conductive part is best to be welded with silver, and the other parts can be used with brass. Pure copper solder is often used for local solder joints, first used as a fixed point, and in welding can also be used for cooling water pipes and other parts, can be selected according to actual needs, welding points should be as little as possible, especially in the conductive path.

The necessity of molds, fixtures, and inspection fixtures:

Modern enterprise management requires to reduce the standby time, if every replacement of the standby sensor needs to readjust the process, which is not allowed, therefore, the spare sensor must be exactly the same as the original replacement sensor performance, not only the appearance, important is the main size must be exactly the same. There is also a case of a quenching machine on the multi-station work. Such as left, right two locations and quenching the same artifacts, if sensors effectively ring size is not consistent or inconsistent spray Angle, flow, left, right two locations after quenching, the quality that will not be consistent, to ensure the consistency of the sensor, there must be a mold manufacturing, welding jig, and fixture, etc., so as to ensure the consistency of product.

1) Molds: For example, the return line crankshaft effective ring must have molds to ensure the radius of the effective ring, the Angle of cladding, the width of opening gear, etc.

2) Welding fixture: ensure the center height of the effective ring and the geometric dimensions of relevant welding parts.

3) Bending fixture: Ensure the radius of the bending of various connecting pipes.

4) Inspection fixture: To detect the center height, perpendicularity, and eccentricity difference between the bottom face of the inductor and the effective ring, and to quickly change the pipe joint, the tube joint master sleeve must be used to check whether it can be freely fitted in or out and whether the tightness is appropriate.

5) Sealing detection instrument: Flow detector and insulation detection are more necessary and indispensable. Some manufacturers even use optical projectors to measure the key dimensions of the effective ring.

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