Induction heating equipment used correctly for longer

  Induction heating equipment is used correctly for a long time, strictly implementing the principle of first passing water and then energizing. During the operation, water shortage is prohibited. It is necessary to meet the requirements for the quality and pressure of the cooling water inside the equipment and the sensor. In order to avoid clogging of the cooling pipeline, if a water pump is used for water supply, the filter at the water inlet of the pump is equipped with a cooling water temperature not higher than 45°C and a water flow rate of 10T/h (it is recommended to use softened water. If the load rate is, the cooling water temperature is It is necessary to use water circulation and demineralized water below 40 ℃. When the temperature is below 0 ℃, the circulating water in the equipment should be released to avoid freezing and cracking the equipment when the equipment is not in use.

induction heating equipment

  To prevent electric shock, please ensure that the chassis is firmly grounded according to the electrician standard, first-pass water, check the water pressure, and whether there is water leakage. Then turn on the power again, and wait until the panel DC voltmeter appears above 500V before turning on the panel power switch.

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