Induction Brazing Refrigerating Aluminum Assemblies

  Induction brazing can be used to braze aluminum and aluminum alloy workpieces. Using suitable brazing fillers, the aluminum components will be quickly joined together under the action of induction heating. Compared to flame brazing, induction brazing is cleaner and safer. Recent advances in lower temperature aluminum braze materials have allowed induction to effectively replace flame and furnace heating in high volume brazing of aluminum assemblies. The simplicity of creating a repeatable process makes induction brazing ideal for serial, high-volume manufacturing processes.

How to induction brazing refrigerating aluminum assemblies?

  Induction brazing in a refrigerator assembly is an efficient approach for contactless heating of conductive materials by placing them inside a high-frequency magnetic field. It provides the brazing process with enhanced safety and high repeatability. For a typical brazed aluminum tube joint, an operator installs an aluminum braze ring, often containing flux, on the aluminum tube and inserts this into another expanded tube or a block fitting. The parts are then placed into an induction coil and heated.

What are the advantages of using induction brazing aluminum?

  Induction brazing has many advantages over other common heating methods prevalent today. Reasons to consider using induction heat include Quick, rapid heating; Controlled, precise heat control; Selective (localized) heat; Production line adaptability and integration; Improved fixture life and simplicity; Repeatable, reliable brazed joints; Improved safety.

Induction Brazing Coils for Refrigerating Aluminum Assemblies

Induction Brazing Coils for Refrigerating Aluminum Assemblies

How to choose the suitable refrigerating aluminum brazing machine?

  When choosing a suitable refrigerating aluminum brazing machine, it is important to consider factors such as productivity, cost, weldment size, and structure1. Proper heating is also important when brazing in HVAC/R. The correct heating method should be used to form leak-proof joints.

Which induction soldering flux should be used when brazing aluminum?

  When brazing aluminum, it is important to choose a flux that is suitable for aluminum brazing. Aluminum alloys should be coated with aluminum brazing fluxes. There are two families of fluxes commercially available for brazing aluminum: corrosive and non-corrosive. To choose the proper one for your application, identify the advantages of each.

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