Induction brazing is a welding method by using high frequency, medium frequency, or power frequency induced current as a heat source. The induction welding machine uses the induction current (eddy current loss) generated by the conductor under the action of high frequency magnetic field and the magnetic field inside the conductor (hysteresis loss) to cause the conductor to heat itself.

  According to the different heating frequency, it can be divided into high frequency induction heating (high frequency welding machine) and medium frequency induction heating (medium frequency welding machine). Because of the high heating speed and less metal burning loss, the joint process of induction brazing is highly consistent.

  It is widely used in: pipe, shaft, rod, plate welding; A large number of applications in air conditioning, automotive, military, bathroom accessories, valves, and other industries.

1. Automatic Induction Brazing Systems With 16 Working Stations

16 stations induction brazing system(001)

2. Automatic Induction Brazing Systems With Double Stations

Automatic Double Station Induction Brazing System(001)

3. Automatic Induction Brazing System With Linear Working Table

Automatic Induction brazing system with linear Guide(001)

4. Lathe Tool Induction Brazing Welding


5. Drill Bit Induction Braze Welding System


6. Induction heating to remove the drill bit

coal mining bit 4(001)

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