IGBT medium frequency induction heating equipment load energy saving matching

  IGBT induction coil, medium frequency induction heating equipment of copper loss, drainage systems of flexible cable copper loss, iron loss transformer copper loss and the resonant capacitor dielectric loss, loss of rectifier, reactor choke loss, IGBT turn-on switch loss, and so on a number of factors is the main body of high frequency equipment energy loss, thermal efficiency in high frequency machine (5% 55%), has a great deal of elastic range, induction coil, how to reduce the copper loss is the main research direction; The copper loss of the induction coil increases linearly with the square of the high-frequency current and the length of the copper tube.

P = I2R

1. Use as little oscillating current as possible to achieve a large effective power

2. Make full use of the geometrical space of the equipment to increase the length of the induction tunnel

3. Design a tightly coupled induction coil as far as possible to improve induction capacity

4. Try to match the best load impedance, or slightly larger load impedance, with the screen indicating to the right or center

5. Expand the induction area as much as possible, reduce the power density on the workpiece, and minimize the focus of magnetic field energy

6. Minimize the length of the induction coil lead or the length of the flexible cable

7. Increase the induction coil conductor cross-section

8. Use a square copper tube to wind the induction coil as far as possible

9. Use a larger iron core to reduce copper damage

10. Try to put the transformer in front and reduce the use of flexible cables

11. Try to reduce the excess inductance on the induction ring, which will increase the output voltage of the transformer, increase the loss of resonant capacitor and increase the loss on the core

12. The smaller the no-load input current is when there is no workpiece for the hf machine, the better. This no-load current is roughly the lost power of the HF induction heating machine.

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