How to use medium frequency induction melting furnace?

  All kinds of technologies are very important to the service life of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace. All kinds of improper operations may reduce the service life of the furnace. Therefore, attention should be paid to the following 8 aspects in the process of use.

l In the process of use, when the furnace needs to be shut down for a long time due to fault, the molten iron in the furnace should be emptied to avoid the furnace lining damage caused by the pull crack in the molten iron cold setting; When the iron liquid cannot be poured, and the iron liquid has been condensed, when the furnace lining can not be judged to be in good condition, the furnace should be removed for safety reasons.

l When the furnace is cooled down, in order to avoid the sudden cooling of the furnace lining, the empty furnace cooling should be carried out, and in order to avoid the furnace lining in the cooling process, the temperature difference between the top and bottom is too large and crack should be generated, the furnace cover should be covered, so that the furnace lining in the cooling up and down uniform, so as to ensure the service life of the furnace.

l Due to the inevitable occurrence of vertical cracks when the furnace is cold, the cold furnace should be started by low temperature oven, and then melting, so that the crack can be first closed, to avoid the penetration of iron liquid melting crack to further expand the crack.

l In the process of furnace use, it is necessary to observe the furnace condition. Observing a good furnace condition is a kind of protection for the furnace. Measure the furnace bottom every 3 days and observe the furnace wall every day, so as to ensure the safety of the furnace lining.

l Maintenance and maintenance of electric furnace equipment, such as frequent blowing coil, cleaning the sundries on the coil to prevent the coil breakdown, so as to avoid the furnace dismantling caused by equipment failure, can effectively improve the crucible’s service life.

l Because the sintering layer of the new furnace is thinner, the process of using the new furnace is very important. The first furnace of the molten iron from the new furnace should melt 50%, so as to avoid the occurrence of cracks and other defects caused by the quenching of the lining after all the molten iron is poured out; The new furnace as far as possible for continuous smelting, to avoid intermittent melting of hot and cold caused by cracks, generally should be continuous melting for 1 week; When the new furnace is in use, try to avoid strong impact on the bottom and wall of the furnace, avoid under the strong impact of lining peeling, cracks, etc. Therefore, to obtain the furnace age, early furnace with furnace technology to do a good job.

l Avoid high temperature melting during smelting. Under high temperature condition, the lining will react with iron liquid with the crucible, as follows: SiO2 + 2 C and Si + 2 co, the higher the temperature, the higher the C, Si, the lower the furnace lining erosion will intensify, especially in the new furnace is more obvious, therefore when melting in the fluid temperature to avoid high temperature, the temperature is 1490 ~ 1540 ℃, but in the smelting process control from 1490 ~ 1520 ℃; It is worth mentioning that, in the liquid power after the low temperature insulation, ready to liquid according to the temperature of a packet of liquid iron for heating, which can reduce the high temperature of liquid iron lining erosion, prolong the lining life, reduce power consumption, is a good way to improve the furnace life, reduce power consumption.

Avoid lining overheating. Due to the medium frequency induction furnace heating rate is quite fast when the smelter does not pay attention to so that the burden appears “bridging” phenomenon and the lining appears local high temperature even more than the lining refractoriness, so it is possible to make the lining melting and corrosion; Or when the furnace workers do not pay attention to the melting temperature is too high may also make the lining melting and corrosion; This will greatly reduce the service life of the furnace lining, therefore, in the melting process must pay attention at any time, such as melting chemical industry to frequently feed, furnace foreman according to the color of liquid iron at any time to grasp the temperature of liquid iron, in order to ensure the safety of the furnace lining.

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