How to properly use and maintain new crucible of induction melting furnace?

There are five points to note in using and maintaining a new crucible of induction melting furnace:

(1) Adhere to industrial pure iron wash and care

It is important to wash the furnace with industrial pure iron or low carbon steel (C mass fraction ≤0.15%). First of all, the washing charge has a high melting point and low fluidity, which can reduce the penetration of molten steel to crack and use crack sintering. Secondly, high liquid steel temperature can expand the thickness of the spreading sintering layer, which is particularly important for low-temperature sintering crucible. Finally, most of the potential defects of the new crucible will appear at the initial stage of smelting. Once the phenomenon of steel leakage occurs, it will be easy to deal with because of the high melting point and poor fluidity of industrial pure iron.

(2) The new crucible cannot be smelting steel with good fluidity

High carbon, high strength, high silicon, and high alloy steel should not be smelted in the first 5 furnaces of the new crucible. Prevent steel leakage due to liquid steel penetration crack ii. At the initial stage, low carbon chrome steel can be smelted.

(3) The new crucible charging shall be guaranteed to melt smoothly.

The material and charging for the new crucible should be more particular, so as to prevent the occurrence of “bridging” in the melting period. Careful operation should be taken to prevent a large impact on the wall of the crucible. The loading amount reaches the maximum, and the smelting time is prolonged.

(4) The new crucible was carefully observed during the smelting process

In addition to the careful operation of the new crucible, precursors of steel leakage must also be carefully observed. Often observe whether the crucible wall has a different color; Whether the supply voltage fluctuates downward, whether the current fluctuates upward, etc. If there is any abnormal situation, check the power failure immediately. To avoid steel leakage accidents. At the same time, the insulation between the turns of the inductor should be observed.

(5) Check the crucible condition after the new crucible comes out of steel

After making steel, it is necessary to check whether there are bright spots or cracks in the inner surface of the crucible, especially annular transverse cracks. Longitudinal cracks are usually less harmful. Clean and repair defects and slag lines in time.

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