How to operate UHF and HF induction heating equipment safely?

  The power voltage used in induction heating equipment is 440V,380V, 415V, 575V, 660V Can be customized, but some internal voltage reaches up to 10kV or more. Therefore, attention must be paid to the safety of high voltage when using induction heating and heat treatment equipment.

  The high frequency induction heating equipment is mainly electronic (vacuum) tubes, which produce high frequency electromagnetic oscillation. The electric power is 10~200kW, and the highest voltage in the machine is about 15kV. Therefore, the internal insulation performance of the equipment must be good, the relevant parts such as the chassis must be reliably grounded. Insulated rubber pads shall be placed at the operating stations. Next to the equipment shall be equipped with protective wooden railings coated with red and white paint. Hang a high voltage hazard sign. High frequency should be a bright light, good ventilation, the indoor temperature should be controlled at 15~35℃. Install an exhaust device to remove the exhaust fumes from the workpiece when it is heated. As the frequency of high frequency equipment is 30~500 KHz, radiofrequency radiation will be generated. When the human body absorbs a certain amount of radiation, biological changes will occur, and the biological changes will increase with the decrease of wavelength (increased frequency) and show as neurasthenia syndrome and dysfunction of the plant nervous system. Therefore, shielding measures should be taken for the radiation field sources of equipment (such as high-frequency transformers, feeders, working capacitors, coupling capacitors, inductors, etc.).In order to prevent electromagnetic wave leakage from affecting electronic equipment and radio communication in the vicinity (within about 100m), the whole chamber shall be shielded to ensure that the radiation intensity of the working environment is within the specified range (electric field intensity E≤20V/m; Magnetic field strength H≤5A/m.Note during operation:

(1) Two or more people are required to operate the high-frequency equipment, and the operator shall be designated. Wear insulating shoes, insulating gloves, and other prescribed protective equipment.

(2) The operator must be familiar with the operating rules of high-frequency equipment. Before starting, check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal. Power can be sent only after normal.

(3) All the doors should be closed before work, and the doors should be equipped with an electrical interlock device to ensure that no power can be sent before the doors are closed. After the high pressure is closed, do not move to the back of the machine at will, do not open the boot door.

(4) The workpiece should remove burrs, iron filings and oil stains, otherwise it is easy to arc with the sensor during heating. The arc light produced by arc shooting will not only damage vision, but also damage sensors and equipment easily.

(5) The high-frequency equipment should be kept clean, dry, and dust-free. If abnormal phenomena are found in the work, the high voltage should be cut off first, and then the fault should be checked and removed. There must be a special person to repair the high-frequency equipment. After opening the power door, firstly discharge the anode, grid, and capacitor with an electric rod, and then start the maintenance. It is strictly prohibited to rush repair with live electricity.

(6) The use of quenching machine tools shall comply with the relevant electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic transmission safety regulations. When moving quenching machine tools, should prevent dumping.

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