How to operate medium frequency induction heating furnace safely?

  • How to boot?

1. First, check whether the waterways of the power cabinet, capacitor cabinet, intermediate frequency water-cooled cable, and induction coil are smooth;

2. Close the air switch in the main loop, and the voltmeter is in reverse pressure, that is, the pointer is at the lower end of the meter reading 0;

3. Close the inverter power source;

4. Adjust the potentiometer from zero and clockwise to the required power.

  • How to turn it off?

1. Turn the potentiometer to zero;

2. Turn off the inverter power switch (if it is started continuously, the switch can be turned off);

3, finally disconnect the main loop air off;

4. After the stop, except the waterway of the induction ring, the other waterways should be stopped;

5. The circulating water of the induction ring must stop after 2 hours.

  • What should I pay attention to?

1. In addition to the power regulating potentiometer, other potentiometers in the intermediate frequency power supply can be rotated. Once the debugging is done, they are not allowed to rotate at will;

2. If water-cooling elements are found to be leaking or blocked during operation, it shall stop and be removed before work can be carried out;

3. The connection joints of the power cabinet, capacitor cabinet, and induction furnace cannot be ignited. In such a case, stop the machine and tighten the loose parts.

4. After starting up, the capacitor shell in the capacitor cabinet is equipped with an intermediate frequency high voltage, and it is not allowed to be touched by any device.

5. If the power supply of intermediate frequency suddenly stops working, please record whether it is caused by overvoltage or overcurrent.

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