How to maintain high frequency induction heating welding equipment?

  Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the application of high-frequency induction heating welding equipment is more and more extensive, new welding technology and methods are constantly emerging, and professional welding equipment is changing with each passing day. In order to reduce failures and increase the productivity of our devices, KETCHAN ELECTRONIC introduces you to the maintenance methods and techniques as follows.

  Regular maintenance of the HF welding machine is divided into the following categories: weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, half-year maintenance.

One week maintenance

1. Case: Clean the dust in the insulation pillar and fan;

2. Pay attention to the aging of water pipes and measure the insulation resistance of cooling water (if you find any abnormality, please replace it in time);

3. If the screw is loose, whether the contact of the contact has an ablative phenomenon.

Second, monthly maintenance

1, relay connection problem, please pay attention to scale;

2. Check the flow measurement of the cold water circuit;

3, check the high frequency welding machine fuse, switch contacts are abnormal;

4, there are other various protection measures, such as overvoltage.

Three, half a year maintenance

There are a lot of things to maintain in half a year. In order to find some abnormal phenomena early and not affect the normal work of high-frequency induction heating equipment, we need to save various technical parameters of high-frequency welding machine.

1. Check the qualification of insulation performance of the line;

2. Test the insulation resistance values of various high-voltage transformers;

3. Vacuum tube: Motor and scaling of inlet and outlet water pipe joint;

4. Oxidation of the filament lead;

5. After everything else is checked, please clean all parts of the high-frequency induction heating equipment, especially those that are not obvious or can not be noticed normally.

The information listed above, please also need to be determined according to the specific situation of your own device.

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