How to improve the service life of inductor or induction coil?

1. During the design of the inductor, oxygen-free copper is adopted to make it structurally sufficiently rigid.

2. Maintenance of electric contact surface. The connection surface between the induction coil and the induction transformer is a conductive contact surface. This surface must be cleaned. It can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and then plated with silver.

3. Special bolts and washers are required for bolt compression design. The contact plate of the inductor is pressed to the output end of the secondary winding of the quenching transformer. Screws and washers are commonly used to compress. The following points of induction coil should be noted:

  • The transformer output bolt hole must be fitted with stainless steel wire screw sleeve or brass thread bushing. Due to the low hardness of pure copper, stainless steel or brass bolts will not be able to be twisted for many times, due to the failure of thread sliding buckle, so that the output end is damaged, the bolt screws into the screw sleeve depth are not less than 10mm (take M8 thread as an example, and the rest, etc.).

  • The threaded hole must be penetrated, otherwise, the bolt seems to have been fixed, in fact, the bolt did not press the inductor to the transformer output end. The bolt insertion length shall be less than the depth of the screw hole, and the bolt pre-tightening force shall be 155-178N, too much pre-tightening force will damage the screw sleeve (take M8 thread as an example, the rest according to the specified value).

  • The gasket should be a special increase, the thicker gasket, it can effectively local pressure tight.

4. A groove should be designed in the middle of the inductor bonding surface to increase the pressure on the conductive surface. The surface is as silvered as possible to prevent oxidation and reduce contact resistance. The chamfer on both sides of the insulation board can prevent short circuits on the transformer side when the inductor is not installed properly.

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