How to correct the irregular deformation of parts after induction heat treatment?

Problem: Irregular deformation of parts after induction heat treatment

Induction heat treatment of irregular parts


1. Check the quenching fluid concentration, flow rate, and pressure.

2. Ensure proper quenching uniformity.

3. Check the coaxiality of the spindle and the fixed fixture of the parts.

4. Check and make sure the dimension of parts is accurate and the center hole is located in the center.

5. Check the nesting clearance of the parts after cooling.

6. Check to make sure the heating time is not too long.


Check the fixture and spindle of the parts to ensure proper positioning.

Some processes use a quenching delay, usually 0.05-0.3 seconds after the heating stops, to improve the coaxiality of the parts.

When the parts are cooled, the nesting is not a slippery fit – the parts will expand and warp during heating.

If the spline area is deformed or the gauge is too tight, try a quenching delay of 0.2 to 0.4 seconds.

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