High frequency induction heating machine correct operation sequence

1. Turn on the three-phase power switch first, and then turn on the power switch on the control box on the machine side. If there is a high cycle switch, do not turn it on for a while, and then turn on the electric power switch. At this time, the vacuum tube and the hot mold start the heat.

2. Add insulation to the lower mold, install the upper mold on the upper end, press the trial mode switch to start debugging the joint position of the upper and lower molds, if the lower joint is not good, move the lower mold, if the level is not right, adjust the upper four Pillars.

3. After the mold is adjusted, adjust the three time controllers (if it is a foot type machine, only the high cycle welding time), the falling time is the time from the upper mold to the lower mold, the welding time is the output time, and the cooling time, That is, curing time, the above three times need to be applied flexibly, there is no fixed value.

4. If the mode is adjusted at one time, the spacing of the co-tuned tuning should be adjusted to a wide range.

5. If the above operation has exceeded 10-15 minutes and the temperature has reached the required level, turn on the high cycle switch and start the operation test.

6. During the test, if the effect is not satisfactory, you need to slowly add the coordinator and look at the screen flow table (the value of this table is different for different models, please refer to the manual). Check the product, if it is not ideal, increase or decrease the coordinator until it meets the requirements.

7. The effect of the finished product is determined by the following four aspects:

①Temperature ②Synchronous power output ③Pressure ④Output high cycle time. The above four aspects, please adjust flexibly

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