Induction heating surface hardening is a quenching method that USES the principle of electromagnetic induction to make the workpiece cut magnetic field lines in the alternating magnetic field and generate induced current on the surface. According to the skin effect of alternating current, the surface of the part is rapidly heated in the form of an eddy current and then quenched quickly. 

  After the induction heating equipment is heated and quenching process, the surface hardness of the parts is high, the core maintains good plasticity and toughness, showing low notch sensitivity, so the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. Due to the short heating time, the surface oxidation and decarburization of parts less, compared with other heat treatment, parts rejection rate is very low. This technique plays an important role in the field of metal heat treatment.

1. Large Mill Roller Induction Hardening

Large Roller Induction Hardening(001)(001)

2. Engine Valve Induction Hardening

Engine Valve induction hardening(001)

3. Wheel& Raceway Induction Hardening System

Wheel&Raceway Induction Hardening System(001)

4. BMW Ball Head Induction Hardening System

BMW Ball Head Induction Hardening Quenching System With Induction heat treatment system(001)

5. Automatic Casing Pipe and Tube Induction Hardening System

Casing Pipe and Tube Hardening With Automatic Induction Hardening System(001)

6. Automatic Hammer Head Induction Hardening

Automatic Hammer Head Induction Hardening With High Frequency Induction Heating Machine(001)

7. Chain Plate Induction Hardening System

Chain Plate Induction Hardening With high frequency induction heat treatment machine(001)

8. Car Steering Gear Rack Induction Hardening Quenching System

Car Steering Gear Rack Induction Hardening System(001)

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