The principle of induction forging furnace is electromagnetic induction. Non-contact heating, its heat in the workpiece itself, the heating rate is fast, so little oxidation, the core meter temperature difference is very small, applied to round bar material, square material or other shapes of copper, iron, aluminum, alloy and other blank continuous diathermic workpiece, suitable for mass die forging production and precision forging. Forging, greatly increase the life of forging die, improve the quality of forging. Because the temperature can be well controlled, so easy to automate, good products consistency.

1. Billet bar partial induction heating forging

Steel Bar Local Forging Forming

2. Round bar induction heating forging system

Round Billet Bar Induction Heating Forging System(001)

3. Square steel bar Induction forging system

Square steel induction forging furnace(001)

4. Irregular billet&Rhombic billet bar Induction forging

Rhombic Billet Induction heating forging system(001)

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