Does the energy-saving equipment of electromagnetic induction heating produce radiation harm to human health?

  An electromagnetic induction heater is a heating controller based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating.

  Electromagnetic induction heating comes from the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction discovered by Faraday, that is, an alternating magnetic field generates an induced current in the conductor, which causes the conductor to heat up. Since the discovery of the thermal effect of electric current through wires, there have been many inventors in the world engaged in the research and manufacture of electric heaters. In 1890, Swedish technicians invented the first induction melting furnace — slotted core furnace; The electric iron was invented in the United States in 1893. In 1909, the appearance of the electric cooker realized the process from electric energy to heat energy. In 1916, Americans invented the closed – slot core furnace, electromagnetic induction technology gradually into the practical stage.

  Electromagnetic heating induction energy saving equipment heating has been whether radiation harm to human health. Using electromagnetic induction heating (also called eddy current) magnetic field induced current heating principle, it is through the electronic circuit board component produce an alternating magnetic field, when the coil around the iron material cylinder surface, material barrel cutting alternating magnetic field lines in the cylinder surface of the metal parts produce alternating current (eddy current), eddy current cylinder and iron molecules, high speed has no regulation motion molecular collision, friction and generate heat, will produce certain radiation to use. So, what frequency range of electromagnetic waves is harmful to people?

  Unit conversion:1MHz=1000KHZ= 1000000Hz, electromagnetic heating movement frequency:20~40KHz RANGE set by IEEE(International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) :

1. Within the frequency range from about 0.1mhz to about 300MHz, the magnetic field generated has a magnetic field intensity of more than 3 milligauss, which is harmful to the human body. The magnetic field from 90MHz to 300MHz has the greatest harm, while the magnetic field closer to 0.1mhz upwards has the smallest harm. Of course in the harmful range its intensity is below 3 milligauss, generally considered as a safe range.

2. The electric field generated from the frequency range of about 1.4MHz to 300MHz has an electric field intensity of more than 1mv/m, which is harmful to the human body. The stronger the intensity, the greater the harm. When the electric field and magnetic field exist alone, they will not radiate outward like electromagnetic waves, but only oscillate within their intensity range.

3. Electromagnetic wave is the most harmful from 90MHz to 300MHz, and the closer to 12000MHz above 300MHz, the less harmful. Therefore, it can be concluded that the frequency of 900MH and 1800MHz of mobile phones are both within the harmful range. As for the industrial heating electromagnetic movement, the frequency is 20~40KHz, which belongs to the normal audio signal (20~ 40KHz range), which is not harmful to the human body. So please rest assured that the majority of users use the electromagnetic heater.

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