Daily maintenance of induction coil in induction furnace unit

  Induction coil, I believe that people who know about induction heating equipment all know that induction coil is an important part of induction heating equipment, is the induction heating equipment to heat the workpiece heat treatment

  Missing parts. Whether the induction coil is intact or not is not only related to the service life of the induction heating equipment but also involved in the heating quality of the workpiece. Therefore, the induction coil is carried out

Routine maintenance is essential. Today, Rongtai induction technology on; Share with you what maintenance is required for the induction coil.

The daily maintenance of induction coil of induction heating equipment mainly includes appearance inspection, coil pressing screw, rubber pipe, coil anticorrosion joint, cooling water temperature at the exit of the coil, dust removal, etc

To share with you —

1. Appearance inspection

The appearance inspection of induction coil for induction heating equipment is mainly to check whether the insulation part of the coil is damaged or carbonized, whether the coil surface is attached to a different compound, whether the insulation backing plate between the coils is protruding, and

Whether the unitary L bolts installed in the ‘tight coils’ are loose or not.

2. The wire cake pressing ‘tight screw’ is mainly used for visual inspection to check whether the wire penalty pressing ‘tight screw is slack.

3. Rubber hose

The inspection of rubber pipes mainly includes two aspects: on the one hand, check whether there is water leakage at the joint of rubber pipes; on the other hand, check whether there is a cut off rubber pipes.

4. Remove the rubber hose and check the corrosion degree of the anti-corrosion joint of the coil end.

5. Record the relative value of the cooling water temperature of each branch of the coil at the outlet of the coil at the rated iron solution and rated power.

6. Dust removal: Use the compressed air in the workshop to blow away dust and iron spatter on the coil surface.

KETCHAN ELECTRONIC company simply Shared with you a few induction heating equipment induction coil common maintenance points, warm tips, induction coil maintenance should be maintained every day, so as to see the effect.

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