Custom Applications

  Our company has been served in the induction heating treating fields for more than 20 years. We have rich practical experience, and many real practical application cases in different fields. For differet heating treat cases, we always can find the suitable induction heating solutions for your applications.

  According to the application requests, we can also match energy monitoring system and customized robot system, can record, save and query the key production parameterss in real time. For example, voltage, current, power, quenching liquid flow, quenching liquid temperature etc, and the historical data can be exported for easy checking, to achieve the intelligent automation workshop and MES order management etc.

1. Hub Bearing Induction Hardening System

hub bearing Hardening system(001)

2. Large Slewing Bearing&Raceway&Gear Induction Hardening System


3. Double Back Shaft Induction Hardening Quenching System


4. Double Station Bearing Induction Heat Treating System


5. Full Automatic Robot Gear Parts Induction Hardening


6. Steel Strip Heating Blueing Treatment With Induction Heating


7. Semi-shaft Flange Automatic Induction Hardening Tempering System


8. Automotive Bumper Bar Induction Hardening System


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